We want well-being for all people, including ethnic European kids whose needs are currently being excluded from consideration.

One of the main attacks such advocacy garners is the accusation of 'White Supremacy.' Therefore, it is important that the commitment to equality be made explicit in the Stop Bias campaign. Stop Bias is not promoting 'White Supremacy' with ethnic Europeans dominating other groups, but 'White Equality' where ethnic Europeans around the world to assert their equal right to protect their ethnic and cultural heritage as other groups do.

While non-White groups are permitted to advocate for themselves and their children, ethnic Europeans are uniquely excluded from such advocacy opportunities. This is on the basis of the antiwhite double standard that ethnic Europeans are history's unique villains, who have disproportionately persecuted other groups.

The myth of 'White Villainy' is not true, it is propaganda promoted by Wall Street-controlled media, education, and politicians.

This propaganda is readily believed because it is so widespread. How many movies and television series are based around White people having been enslaved? How many classes teach students in grade school or post-secondary about the White slave trade? That it is ongoing today? How many news stories focus on Whites as victims of crime?

The result of continually portraying Whites as villains and non-Whites as victims is that for many people using the word 'White' in a neutral or positive way, such as 'It's OK to be White,' has become a taboo.

This has to change.

As all other groups celebrate their heritage, ethnic European Whites need to celebrate their ancestors and protect the interests of their descendants, honor their ethnic and cultural heritage as other groups do.