The battle against antiwhite bias is only about mass education and opposes all forms of intimidation or violence. We will win by changing the hearts and minds of millions of well-meaning people who have been miseducated.

Wall Street has used trillions of dollars of communications and infrastructure over decades to build the antiwhite cultural complex using disinformation, exclusion, distortion, and deception. These techniques can best be countered with exposure and analysis.

The truth is the best antidote to the lie, and retaining the moral high ground is vital to ultimate victory.

Violence is not moral, would lose support for our cause, and serves the interests of antiwhite Wall Street, not ethnic European kids whose inheritance and voting rights are being given away to strangers.

To win, we must tirelessly educate those around us, knowing that our battle can and will be won through our persistence and creativity.

Our opponents have the resources of trillion dollar governments and antiwhite corporations, like Big Tech and Wall Street asset managers, but those very corporations and Western Civilization depend upon the ethnic Europeans that built and maintain many of them. As we win back the hearts and minds of ethnic Europeans from the antiwhite cultural complex, we can turn all of these institutions back into forces for good that serve humanity, rather than serve the interests of a tiny fraction of the world that is benefiting from collapsing the West.