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Let's Talk!

It isn't easy being a kid!

And it is much harder when teachers, media, and politicians - even your parents! - are telling you an unfair version of history and current events.

When kids consume media today, or are taught about history, they are shown a world in which White people are relentlessly cast in villain roles, while non-Whites are shown as victims.



This antiwhite bias is something many adults perpetuate, with some arguing that these biases are creating 'social justice.' This view is itself a distorted one, that starts from the assumption that ethnic European Whites really were uniquely guilty in the past, while other groups were consistently innocent and persecuted.

The result of this antiwhite bias includes psychological harm to ethnic European children, who are encouraged to feel guilt and shame for their heritage, as well as physical violence like assault and even murder. All of it taking place without the institutional protection that other minorities benefit from. In fact, antiwhite culture even teaches that ethnic European Whites are always 'privileged,' regardless of their life circumstances, and can never even be considered minorities!

This is a cruel and unacceptable situation.

Ethnic European Whites have a moral obligation to protect our children from these harms, and to leave them a world of fairness and opportunity.

That means we must work to actively expose and oppose the underlying bias, assumptions, and double standards that pervade today's antiwhite media, politics, education and finance.

To protect ethnic European kids, we need to create comparable institutional and cultural support to that which other groups have created to support their own kids.

That's where the Stop Bias campaign comes in!



Stop Bias is beginning with a Protect Kids flyer campaign that anyone in the world can participate in!

We have created high-quality flyers that can be downloaded from our Flyer page, for distribution to homes, in workplaces, at events, or other creative ideas. The flyers are in two formats, as sheets of four that can be made at home, or in a print-shop friendly format.

These flyers ask readers 'Does antiwhite bias harm kids?' to prompt introspection and empathy for kids that readers are not being asked by mass media. In fact, mass media does not permit such sympathy for these kids today.

This awareness campaign can scale up to reach many millions of people, and individuals or groups can set themselves personal challenges of reaching hundreds or even thousands with their flyers.



Once we have begun to educate people on the problem, Stop Bias can begin creating positive solutions.

Targeted campaigns are needed in media, education, finance, and politics, to demand removal of antiwhite bias and double standards from these key institutions, to protect kids who are being harmed by them.

In each of these areas, specific tactics and strategies are required, and the creative energy of hundreds and thousands of people, who will have a positive impact on the lives of millions of others.

It all gets started with awareness, so please connect with us with our ideas through our Contact form, and get started with a Flyer distribution campaign in your community!


Let's Talk!