Antiwhite bias is promoted by Big Business and Big Government, to benefit global finance. Antiwhitism is a political tool used to demoralize ethnic Europeans so they will not resist policies like mass immigration that are designed to weaken them politically, by creating division within their borders and political institutions.

This allows the control of 'democratic' institutions so that corrupt policies can be enacted to the benefit of foreign capital.  

In Western countries founded by ethnic Europeans around the world, investment funds managing trillions of dollars advocate for fewer ethnic European people in employment, management, and governance roles, while youth are denied loans, grants, and scholarships, access to education and employment opportunities under quota systems.

Quotas that would be called discrimination against other groups, are called 'social justice' when targeting ethnic European kids.

The pattern of antiwhite education, finance, politics, and media repeats itself across the Western world, from Europe to North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. And in each of these jurisdictions global finance is the major owner of media, and driver of critical political institutions and functions such as access to international capital markets that are used to fund infrastructure.

Global finance has both the means and motive to promote antiwhitism, and has done so in its own interest.

By diligently maintaining our focus on investment capital as our opponent, we will effect the greatest change - because investment capital is the fuel for all of the other antiwhite weapons, like Big Tech, Hollywood, politics, and academia.